How to Hire the Right Employees

By David S. Chang

Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

In order to build a great company, you need to have great people. To have great people, you need to hire them. If your employee recruitment method isn’t up to par, you may hire the wrong people and pass up the right people!

Getting the recruitment process right is important to ensure you bring in the best talent for your business. You must conduct proper employee background checks before giving the thumbs up. A wrong decision in this process can be dismantling the business. Here are some tips to make sure your recruitment process helps you find the best employee:

Know what skills you need

Certain skills are skills that can be measured and defined easily. They are often learned or acquired with practice. You can never ignore such skills when hiring. Candidates that do not have such abilities may not perform well without training.

For instance, if you were to hire an IT expert, you will need someone that can repair a broken computer. Not only does it make workflow smooth, but it also saves you the extra penny for training. It is pertinent to hire people that meet the demands of your growing business to avoid unnecessary hitches in the course of operations.

Once you know the skills needed, be specific in how you advertise the position. If you have a specific talent in mind, consider a passive candidates search or using a headhunter.

If you’d prefer to seek a broad spectrum of candidates to consider, then a targeted ad campaign across different media – including print and social media, will help you attract a larger number of applicants.

Research job descriptions and packages carefully

Your job description matters. Writing the right job description can help make sure you attract the best applicants. It will also give you a wider choice of talent to choose from. Do your research and see how other companies are advertising similar roles.

Your job descriptions give you the chance to really sell your company and make a job more appealing to job seekers. Make sure you work on crafting better job descriptions that strike a chord with people in your industry.

Demonstrate why your company is a great place to work

Salary isn’t the only thing that attracts someone to a job. Today, people care more about job satisfaction than just money. As part of your recruitment process, show off what makes your company a great place to work.

Share the views and opinions of some of your employees. It can provide greater insight into your workplace. You could also offer some open days for interested candidates to come and experience your office first-hand.

Don’t settle

When faced with a less-than-impressive selection of candidates, it can be tempting to settle and choose the best of a bad bunch than not hiring at all. Take your time, and if you’re not satisfied with this round of recruitment try again!

You can use different approaches to your previous efforts that will hopefully bring in the right candidates the second time around. 
Finding the right approach for your recruitment process can be difficult, but trying different things will help.

For smaller businesses, bringing in a recruitment specialist could help you examine routes you haven’t considered before and could lead to positive results. By making sure you create attractive posts and sell your business as a great place to work, you’ll start bringing in the top talent who can push your business to success. 

David S. Chang

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