Why Successful Restaurants Need SMART Business Managers

By David S. Chang

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What does it take to create a successful restaurant? The general opinion assumes that there is no restaurant business without a talented chef. The cooks are the heart of the business. However, the current state of profit margins makes the restaurant landscape look bleak. Even for talented chefs, the profit margin rarely exceeds 3 to 5% on average.

To improve your restaurant profit margin, it takes more than cooking talent and passion, you need to think like a business manager. It’s time to step out of the kitchen and develop your business strategy to drive sales volume. 

HR and Logistics

A good manager understands the importance of training, employee morale, and also being able to manage the logistics of a restaurant. They need to be able to hire the right people, make sure they are trained properly, and manage the scheduling. Often it requires a business manager with high emotional intelligence to manage the different personalities.

A restaurant also needs the right restaurant equipment, tables, chairs, and other furniture appropriate for the type of restaurant. Some of the items are commodities where you need to find the best price, others are investments that can help grow the business.

Investing in the right kitchen equipment with correct catering equipment installation, refrigerators, utensils, and safety systems are important. They help create the right environment to cook and prepare the food, which is the centerpiece of many restaurants.

Follow the Success Recipe

Starting your restaurant from scratch is a resource-intense (both time and money) journey. Most new restaurants struggle with managing their profit expectations during the first years. This is why some choose to franchise as explained here https://www.chucksroadhouse.com/franchising/.

The purpose of purchasing a franchise is to buy an already proven success model. You can potentially start your business with strong sales from Day One. Joining a reputable and successful chain ensures support, knowledge exchange, and maximizes your visibility with an already established brand. 

Make Your Customers Feel Special

Going to a restaurant is an experience that combines flavors and ambiance. If you want to build a loyal customer base, you need to ensure that the experience is on point. Your team is your biggest asset. Happy employees create a naturally relaxing and positive environment.

Making your customers feel welcome starts with your team. Additional and unexpected touches can make all the difference for your customers. For instance, restaurants can go the extra mile with an attentive team. Waiters who remember their customers’ names or who deliver a free birthday treat make your patrons feel appreciated. 

Make it easy to book

How do you book a table? This simple question can receive a variety of answers depending on your customers’ preferences. Traditional restaurants prefer phone reservations. However, more and more customers are tech-savvy.

In a world where everything happens online, your customers want to book in a click, https://tableagent.com/reservation-system/. Ideally, embracing a vast range of booking methods can make your restaurant accessible to a broad audience. Remember to add social media bookings for Millennials and Gen Z who prefer Twitter or Facebook as a platform of communication. 

Embrace the diversity of your audience

Many families find it challenging to organize a day out with young children. Going to a restaurant with a toddler can be a messy experience. Additionally, elderly customers are also hesitant to visit restaurants due to mobility issues.

Creating an inclusive environment for all your customers can be a game-changer. Including playgrounds for the kids, for instance, can ease the experience for parents. To support mobility issues, restaurants can reconsider table placements to maximize wide paths in the dining room. 

In an industry sector with a low-profit margin, business managers rather than chefs ensure growth. Putting your customers first is vital to drive sales volume. From joining a reputable franchise to facilitating the booking process, every step needs to boost sales. 

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